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Created on 2015-09-14 02:09:12 (#2444101), last updated 2016-03-01 (85 weeks ago)

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Name:Multi-Gender Attracted People are Mega Creative
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to MGA Creative! I am your host, [personal profile] soc_puppet. This is a community dedicated to the creative works and talents of multi-gender attracted people of all stripes. Members are encouraged to share creative things they've done that are MGA themed, be it general or for a specific orientation, and to celebrate their creativity.

Membership is open to anyone who is attracted to more than one gender, including varioriented people (an example would be a polysexual homoromantic person), but anyone can follow.

Once every two weeks or so there will be a prompt to inspire members. Members can fill the prompt multiple times, and there is no deadline for using a specific prompt; it's just there to spark inspiration. Nor do you have to have a specific prompt to post with; you can post original work that has nothing to do with any available prompts. The only requirement is that it be MGA related somehow. If it includes -phobic content (such as a story with a character making transphobic remarks), you must warn for them, and such content cannot be celebrated by the work. Any content that is unapologetically transphobic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ablist, sexist, etc. will be deleted and its creator banned. The same applies to any typically triggering content.

Creative projects can include, but are in no way limited to:
* Drawing
* Prose
* Poetry
* Painting
* Photo editing
* Videos
* Music
* Crafts
* Sculpting
* Performance
* Fanworks

Basically, if it's creative or artistic, you can post it here. You can also post links to recommendations of MGA-themed creative works.

The rules for this community are as follows:

1) This post is dedicated to creative endeavors by and for MGA (multi-gender attracted) people. As such, all content posted should be in some way related to MGA people/pride or otherwise celebrating MGA experiences.

2) All posts containing triggering content should include a warning to that effect, and such content should be behind a cut tag, or shared via link to an outside source. To make a cut tag, use the following code:

Replace the words "Content goes here" with the content you want to share. Common triggers include, but are not limited to, sexual assault, coercion, self-harm, blood, violence, gore, moving images, and various -phobias and -isms (see Rule 3). People who do not comply with this will be warned once, and then be banned from posting for a minimum of one week for subsequent lapses.

3) Content promoting transphobia, racism, ablism, sexism, fatphobia, and other -isms and -phobias will not be tolerated. While I expect some content will include such things, especially if it is autobiographical in nature, the ultimate message should be that such attitudes are harmful. Warn for any content that includes -isms and -phobias, and place it under a cut tag (see Rule 2 for code). People who promote such ideologies will have their content deleted and be banned from the community.

4) Visual contributions should include a brief description of the image. Even if it's as simple as a stick figure drawing in bi pride colors, include that information: "Image Description: Stick figure in bi pride colors." An image description doesn't have to be very detailed, it just needs to convey the idea of the image.

5) Large images and prose/poetry over more than, say, three paragraphs/stanzas should also be placed under a cut tag (see code in Rule 2), or linked to rather than posted in full to the community.

I think that's everything. Please send me a message if I've missed anything or worded anything badly, and I will do my best to correct the error(s).

Your mod, [personal profile] soc_puppet/bisexualbaker

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